Popular Vote Movement Gaining Tremendous Support Across the Country

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Popular Vote Movement is an organization that is working to raise money and awareness to promote a popular vote for the presidential election. The organizations goal is to guarantee the Presidency to the deserving candidate who receives the highest number of votes across all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They are working tirelessly to circulate their movement message to American citizens across the country and encourage them to support and elect the candidate that gets the most votes for the presidency. https://www.PopularVoteMovement.org

Popular Vote Movement is a non-partisan group working with various local and national representatives, on a year-round basis, meeting state legislators, voters, officials, media and organizations to push the idea of the national popular vote for president. Donations, help fund, TV commercials, radio commercials, social media advertisements, movement protests and gatherings in public, signs, and billboards. These are some of the most effective marketing and promotional tools that will help get the nation to move towards enacting a popular vote for president. Popular Vote Movement is the only recognized organization that has a sole focus on a popular vote for president constitutional amendment. One of the major goals of the Popular Vote Movement is to have a billboard in every major city by the end of 2021 and highly populated rural areas. The billboards will promote a popular vote for president agenda and message. Donations can be made at https://www.PopularVoteMovement.org/donate/

Popular Vote Movement is currently looking for active participation from the citizens of America and is welcoming on board anyone who can help with volunteering, signing the Popular Vote Petition, purchasing merchandise, or donating money to allow the movement to successfully run its course. The Popular Vote Movement currently has 3 donation gift packages for the month of September only. Anyone that donates $100 can choose between a Popular Vote Movement t-shirt or a yard sign. Anyone that donates $250, will get two Popular Vote Movement yard signs along with two t-shirts. The VIP donation package of $2500 or more will get the supporter four-yard signs, four t-shirts, and a US1 high output press release mentioning the name of the individual or the business who contributed a large donation as well as a personal paragraph on why they believe the country needs to change our constitution to a popular vote over the electoral college. This will help the business or personal brand as they receive publicity that will allow them to show their support for the Popular Vote Movement. Julia Roberts the Popular Vote Movement’s largest donor and member said “we need people of all walks of life to donate, volunteer and sign the petition for our movement. Changing to a popular Vote is something that all citizens should be involved in whether you are rich or poor black or white this is something that should mean something to all of us. Even if you can’t afford to donate you can post on social media about the movement or get involved as a volunteer and definitely Sign the popular vote movement petition.” https://www.PopularVoteMovement.org/petition/

The concept formulated by Popular Vote Movement is already garnering widespread support and appreciation from many walks of life, industries, and personalities. Ryan Allen with the Popular Vote Movement said “The popular vote movement for president is something over half of all Americans support and we need great political and social leaders to join promote and donate to this movement. He said he wants the support of political figures on both sides of the isle like Donald Trump, Elizabeth Warren, Michael Bloomberg and celebrities like Oprah And LeBron James who are politically outspoken to help push the popular vote movement agenda. Our country moving to a popular vote for president is long overdue and a recent survey shows 7 out of 10 Americans support this major change. Denying the popular vote is un-American.” With so much support behind, the Popular Vote Movement more and more people are joining the movement to push for a popular vote for president. They are also aiming to be a focal point and big topic of conversation in this years election since Donald Trump and Joe Biden have both expressed support for the country moving to a popular vote and ending the electoral college. With such an integrated and resourceful support system behind them, the movement is expected to bring about substantial changes in the general policies of presidential elections.

Popular Vote Movement is raising money through its page at https://www.popularvotemovement.org/donate/.

For more information about their movement, visit their official website at https://www.popularvotemovement.org/.

Sign the popular vote movement petition at https://www.popularvotemovement.org/petition/

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