Real Words Explodes With World-Shattering Book

MONROE, N.J., Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, REAL WORDS, a "bleeding edge" News Service and Publication Company, has created what the world is waiting for in their new book "THE POWER OF UNITY." Its discussion develops into an Action Plan outlining specific measures to deal with our many global challenges and demonstrates a path going forward that will achieve a permanent sustainable and renewed future for all nations and all people. The book’s mathematical expression unequivocally proves that "global challenges require global solutions" are attainable, as expressed by UN Sec’y António Guterres in 2018.

The "THE POWER OF UNITY" is an academic style non-fiction book that describes a framework which demonstrates the value of a society that practices globalism can also retain one’s sovereignty. This unique approach argues that mutual collaboration is a matter of necessity. Its subject matter examines human nature’s involvement in today’s crises and proceeds to formulate specific measures required to achieve Global Governance, Economic Recovery, Financial Resilience, and Social Health. And by taking a united stand against our common threats, predicted climate breakdowns, mass migrations and ongoing disrupted economies may be avoided.

It has become apparent to the public that the world leadership has failed in its attempts to address the critical needs of humanity. The COP26 and previous world conferences continue to come away with agreements which, by itself, does not create any real plans or actions. It is the People without whom the world cannot work. And because the human race must live on, REAL WORDS is of the opinion that it is imperative that the principles, processes, and steps defined within the book be applied because it shows the international community how to organize and launch initiatives to resolve the many global challenges we now face.

Because REAL WORDS believes time is running out, our book is being offered free of charge at our site for the educated public to understand that there is a way to recover from a world that is turning into a "state of quicksand."

Owner/President Jeff Kolber continues to emphasize our belief that "we shall not go gently into that night" as long as global conditions remain unanswered. As a "bleeding edge" News Service and Publication Company, REAL WORDS continues to keep you informed of the news you don’t hear at ("IQ NEWS")

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