Rick Parnell, CEO, Foundation for Climate Restoration Welcomes New Era for Climate Restoration with the Incoming White House Administration

WASHINGTON, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Foundation for Climate Restoration welcomes Joseph R. Biden as the 46th President of the United States. The President Elect has committed to “marshall the forces of science and the forces of hope in the great battles of our time,” including “the battle to save the climate.” The Foundation is thrilled that the Biden Administration has vowed to address our rapidly changing climate through restoration, both in principle and practice.

Today, we have climate restoration technologies that will permanently remove excess CO2 from our atmosphere. The Foundation plans to work with the Biden Administration to scale widespread and consistent use of permanent carbon capture technologies and to bring our atmospheric CO2 back down to pre-industrial levels.

We call for all elected leaders to commit to and join our critical climate restoration efforts in order to ensure a safe and habitable planet for current and future generations. We look forward to working with the Biden Administration on the implementation of climate restoration through the Paris Agreement goals, implementation of the Biden Clean Energy Plan, and government inter-agency task forces to solve our climate crisis.

About Rick Parnell and the Foundation for Climate Restoration:

Rick Parnell is the CEO of the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR), a non-profit dedicated to restoring the climate to ensure a habitable planet for future generations. Climate restoration, which must be done in conjunction with adaptation and mitigation, is the safe and permanent removal of the trillion tons of excess CO2 from our atmosphere. F4CR works with entrepreneurs, investors, companies, scientists, faith leaders, governments, NGOs, and citizens from around the world to advance the use of natural and technological solutions for permanent carbon removal. For more information, visit www.f4cr.org.

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SOURCE Foundation for Climate Restoration

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