U.S. Selective Service Registration Awareness Campaign Receives Best Ad Award

ARLINGTON, Va., April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The U.S. Selective Service System (SSS) was recently recognized by the Web Marketing Association, Inc. (WMA) as winner of the Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) award for Best Government Online Video campaign, Best of Show Online Video campaign for its public service announcements (PSAs).

The SSS Awareness Campaign was developed to inform men 18 through 25 about the registration requirement. It includes three English PSAs – Uncle Sam, Stronger America, and Barbershop – and one Spanish PSA, designed to reach out to the nation’s young men and their influencers, informing them of their registration requirement and the crucial role Selective Service plays in our national defense. Registration enhances readiness, fulfills a civic duty, and is linked to benefits and opportunities contingent upon compliance with federal law. 

“These PSAs are highly entertaining and informative,” said Acting SSS Director Craig Brown. “My teenagers and their friends loved them.” The campaign was conceptualized by former agency Chief of Staff Wadi Yakhour and developed and produced by Reingold, Inc., of Alexandria, Va., under the direction of Christopher G. Cowen.  

The WMA is an independent organization founded with the purpose of evaluating and recognizing the standard of excellence on the World Wide Web. Each year it sponsors the IAC competition. IAC judges represent all aspects of advertising and the internet and have an in-depth understanding of the current state of art in advertising, design, and technology. They represent some of the nation’s largest corporations, to include Google, McCann Interactive, IBM Interactive, and Mastercard. This year’s IAC winners in other categories include Monster Beverage Corporation, AT&T, Geico and UPS. 

Federal law requires all male citizens, as well as male non-citizens residing in the U.S., to register with Selective Service within 30 days of their 18th birthday. At 26, a man becomes too old to register. Those who do not comply are ineligible for numerous federally funded benefits, job training, government employment, and U.S. citizenship for male immigrants. Selective Service seeks volunteers to serve on Selective Service boards. Interested citizen-volunteers can submit an application available at www.sss.gov.

For more information about the Selective Service  or to download our new Public Service Announcements you may call the Selective Service Public and Intergovernmental affairs office at (703) 605-4100.

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