WhyWould.com Launches Petition Against Mail-In Voting

PLYMOUTH, Minn., Oct. 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The mail in voting system is flawed and imperfect.  It is fraught with abuse, incompetent and potential criminality that could plunge this nation into a constitutional crisis, the likes it’s never seen in its youthful 240+ year history.  The current situation has already illustrated a dangerous lack of oversight and supervision that will eventually lead to fraud, chaos and a tear in the constitutional fabric of our great nation.

WhyWould.com is spearheading a drive to seek a million patriotic signatures to prevent the current drive for mass mail-in voting during the coming election.  There is still time to persuade the national board of elections to curtail and possibly halt all mail in voting this year.

Voting by mail without a secure and methodical oversight encourages voter fraud, intimidation and the further erosion of our constitutional protections afforded the sanctity of the secret ballot process.

If it were held to the same standard as the absentee ballot system verified via a photo ID and proof of eligibility, there would be no need for this action.  However, if an ID is required to cash a check, board a plane, purchase everyday items including food, prescriptions and or to gain entry into a secured building.  Voting is the tenant upon which this great nation was founded not afforded the same respect and attention?  There is simply, no justification for denying this most basic and fundamental right only American citizens are afforded.

At the time of this release, there have already been instances of blatant fraud involving mail-in voting throughout battleground states.  Our servicemen and women have been denied their casted ballots in a flagrant attempt to nullify their voices and some have proactively resorted to the illegal harvesting of ballots in favor of a particular ideology.

We need to prevent this fraud before it turns to chaos and we are counting on one million patriots across the nation to sign our petition and make their voices heard.

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